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Your garage is where all your stuff is stored on Deaf Boyz Audio. Your Media, your profile, your social stuff and most importantly - your vehicles.

About zkid111

age: 21 - male

location: Bellingham

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zkid111's Vehicles

  • VEHICLE: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

    MOST RECENT SETUP: 2 JL Audio HD amplifiers, An eight inch W7, Pioneer AVH-P4100dvd, and some Morel Elate speakers. Custom carbon fiber dash mod. High output subwoofer enclosure made of birch to keep the weight gain to a minimum.

  • VEHICLE: 28' custom boat

    MOST RECENT SETUP: Alpine Deck, 2 JL HD Marine 750 Powering 4 JL Marine woofers... Mids and Highs by 2 600.4 JL amps and 8 powerful Components

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