4 Ascendant SMD 18s hittin low

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SONG: Put on ARTIST: Young Jeezy

VEHICLE: 2001 chevy tahoe

SETUP: 4 18" SMD/Ascendant Audio Subwoofers, 10 Rockford 6.5", 2 Rockford 8", 12 Rockford 1.75", 2 Rockford 4" 8 Rockford t2500.1 BD for the lows and 2 Rockford T1000.4 for mids and highs and 1 Rockford T600.2 for Tweets all processed by 2 Rockford 360.2 Processors fed power by 4 iraggi 300+ amp Alternators and 10 XS D3100 Batteries. Dont forget the Second Skin Sound Deadening + more

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